Friday, April 06, 2012

Shine His Light

I continue to grow and learn more each and every day. More about myself, more about Jesus and more about those around me. Not that I've figured it out, there is no such thing, but becoming a new creation each day, I feel it this season. I've come so far and have SO far to go. The further I get into walking with Jesus daily, the more I realize how little I know or understand how much he really loves and cares for me. My Bible study this season has been Biblical Community, speaking truth to one another and learning to love women who have all different strengths and weaknesses. It is a safe place and so uplifting. No doubt it came at the perfect time.

I spent the morning with my best friend from high school and her two babes. It is a such a gift to have such a friend. She has grown and changed and has become and is becoming...I have too. We are so very different, always have been, but it is a gift. To know and be known. To give and receive and receive and give, isn't this the heartbeat of a deep friendship?! So I am filled with gratitude as my baby and her eldest played around our feet. The sun shone down on her wee one and the birds chirped in the background as we talked about being a mama, our own mother's, friendship and more. It was a good morning.

This morning started out good, not all mornings do. Ironically, it is Good Friday and as I drove my banshee's to school I reminded them of this day. Last night we read 'The Last Supper' and today I tried my best to drill in their hearts the meaning of this day. As they walk their public school halls and sit in their classes, no mention of Jesus death on the cross will be acknowledged.  It is my job to make sure they remember, that they know, to live daily with intention with my children in all I do and say. My prayer is they remember through-out the day, a Savior many years ago hung on a cross for them and that their lights shine forth and they tell of the one who rescued them. This has been our theme this year being in public school,  "Let your lights shine" we tell them. Tell your friends about Jesus. Tell your friends about Good Friday...tell them, tell them, tell them. Live with intention. Let your little light shine....

I pray my light shines as well. That I am a beacon in the darkness, a light of humble hope, peace that overflows from the inside out and joy that bubbles over from Tink's cottage. That we look different and act different. That we share our 'Rescue Story' from the pit and all of hell shutters as our God is magnified and acknowledged for all His power and glory he bestowed on us. He chose us, we did not choose him. A verse that we have framed that reminds us that it is Him and not us...

"God, who said, "Light shall shine out of darkness, " has shown in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ." 2 Cor 4:6

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