Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Annual Easter Pics Overload

How to take a family picture?!
Lots of bribes. Lots of candy.
Even then though they are never perfect, they always provide personality, right?!


 The Gracious Grands fed our tribe lunch
Our bug catcher

My mother's hoarding issues pay off at times, lots of times. MH wore the dress my sister had as a child
(who is 42 wore and has been passed down through all the girls) Thank you sweet Mama!
Our little monkey banshee spying all his loot!

So "over" the camera

Sneaky Sal, stealing Owen's candy

 Super crazy straws.
Dollar tree. Holla!
Bug Catcher

Little Love


6 .75

Great Nonnie. Glad to have her in town!

Side note- My blog orginally started out as a journal of the banshee's life. I have one blog hardback book that I had made and can't wait to do the other years. I do not keep photo albums and rarely have pics printed, hence the 1109 pictures I always post :)

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