Friday, April 13, 2012

A new chapter

So, the Lord has led us for various reasons in this season out of our marriage group. Knowing how much we need community, Biblical community, and other couples who are willing to fight together in truth, love and in pursuit for holiness and intimacy in marriage, we are starting our own group. Through our various recovery's and journey's, we have been impacted by a host of programs and a host of people. We have gleaned so much from each different one that God has brought our way, so we are starting one with friends we are already in community with and share our lives with.
We are not professional counselors, nor do we claim to be. We simply are a couple who has experienced healing and miracles in our own lives and marriage. We feel the Lord has guided our steps thus far with the folks who want to do this and both have a willingness to share what we know andwhat we've learned from others.
Our prayer is that this will be fruitful. That God will put a hedge before and behind us and we will continue to obey as God opens and closes doors. Above all, that our actions and words will be cloaked with humility. Pride is a silent creeper, and while I am well aware we don't have all the answers... all we really have to offer is our experience, strength and hope...I never want that to become an issue. I don't have it all figured out by any stretch. All I have is where I was and where I am  now and a bounty of fabulous mentors who have coached me through my journey. Join in praying with us that the Holy Spirit will speak in and through us and that the gates of hell will be rattled by couples going to battle for deep intimacy in their marriages and relationships!

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