Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Capture Your Thoughts

In a conversation I had with one of my FIT Girls, which btw LIKE us on Facebook if you read this blog, we need fans and help spreading the word! It is going great and we are growing (slowly) and women are losing weight and getting healthy!!
Anyhoo, back to something I said that struck her when she was telling me she was at the bottom of the group in her fitness level. Don't we all feel that way in some form and fashion in our life, if we are being honest with ourselves and each other!? And here is the truth that I need drilled in my head over and over and over...A reminder, which is quite simple, BUT so easily I forget!

Satan came to steal, kill and destroy. He plants seeds of defeat when we compare ourselves to others. Capturing my thoughts looks like, for me, that I refuse to believe the enemy's lies that 'I am any less or any greater than someone else'. When I refuse to buy lies from the enemy, I am set free!

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