Friday, December 30, 2011

One more....

Silence. All I hear is the hum of the computer. The hubs has taken the banshee's out and I am all alone. Typically as I blog someone is sitting in my computer chair with me (like this morning) the tv is blaring, or the little noises of children playing (and needing me) is in the background. I just hopped out of my reading spot, the bathtub, and have been reading and rereading Stepping Heavenward. She has good stuff, I thought I'd share....
(in talking about people who have trails of the world with Helen,the girl her brother was going to marry, but he died)
"They have 'hours of terrible agony', of course. God's grace does not harden our hearts and make them proof against suffering like coats of mail. They all can say, "out of the depths I have cried unto Thee" Ps 130:1; and it is they alone who have been down in the depths and had a rich experience of what God could be to His children there who can utter such testimonials to His honor as those I have just repeated."
"Katy?" Helen suddenly asked. "Do you always submit to God's will thus?"
"In great things I do, I said. "What grieves me is that I am constantly forgetting to recognize God's hand in the little every day trails of life, and instead of receiving them as from Him, find fault with the instruments by which He sends them."

And previous,I love this nugget...
"Yes, I suppose I am as happy in my dear precious husband and children as a wife and mother can be in a fallen world, which must not be a real heaven lest we should love the land we journey through so well as to want to pitch our tents in it forever and cease to look and long for the home whither we are bound."

and listen to Psalm 130 via you tube. This video makes me miss our church!! click here to watch or find it on Spotifiy.

Now off to run and let my endorphins kick in! I need some today!!!!

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  1. Anonymous2:52 PM

    Would you mind posting more about your church plant? Is it with BH and will it be in Homewood?