Sunday, March 16, 2014


Looking back in life I have what I refer to as seasons. Seasons of prosperity, seasons of sorrow, seasons filled with joy, seasons filled with bruises and pain, seasons where I seek and find, seasons called to wait, seasons of peace, seasons of angst....each season feels woven closely together with the season behind and before. I can see God's hand and
power in both the beauty, as well as the pain.
We are busy, a hobby (making jewelry) turned into a business and God gives me creativity, and a voice to speak to women as I am at each trunk show. Amazing, yes. It shows his glory coming forth and bursting behind me as He leads me, bc it is ALL him. If anyone knows me well, they will shout a big "amen".
So, a busy season yes. A season of seeking Him and finding him in more intimate ways...yes. I begin taking this prayer certification class. It mixes counseling and prayer and scripture together. It's been my vision, but I never had a name for it. We also have had a season where we felt led to leave and seek a new church, and found one that is the perfect fit for our family.
Seek me, find me.
For years I grew up reading things like I write about. I never knew how to get from where I was to "there". The reality is, that there is never a "there"...I am constantly changing and becoming, but it does take a willingness to hem into Him, to move forward into knowing Him more. To seek Him. He's there waiting to walk beside us, he's never left. To really, really trust and obey. To have faith and believe. Believe everything we say about our doctrine and theology. To believe God is good and he can move mountains and heal people. To help those who struggle believing. To pray for our neighbor instead of gossiping about them, to love as he loved, to seek out to know people's story rather than their behavior.
He longs for you, to feel his grace and to know how much he loves you. Today, he loves YOU. He doesn't tell you ways to count your sin, he says take your eyes off your sin and onto Him. He calls you up to who you are IN Him. This changed my life, before I could ever make it my "theology"...God made it clear to me through personal experience.
Seek me, find me.
So thankful for this season.
In other news my Grandmother turned 89. So thankful she's around and my children get to know her. She quoted yesterday "love The Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength and all your mind". So thankful for this rich reminder and to know her story {which has been less than perfect} yet she still holds onto this truth.
Happy Sunday!

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