Sunday, March 16, 2014

Proclaim His Goodness

Disclaimer: I just found this, I have no clue the struggle at the time I wrote this, but it's a great reminder that he brought us through yet again. To Him be the glory...

I wrote a lengthy entry on this subject bc ever since I got brave enough to share my story here and with the freedom source, (with ppl I can't see or touch which has been such a hang up w me) we have had issue after issue arise. And guess what?! My lengthy entry magically disappeared into cyber space....Arg. Mostly, we've dealt with physical and some relational issues. We need prayer. I am weary. I am standing firm. I am praying, but I am weary.

This is not new ground to me, when I got sober things got bad, then they got worse and then terrible. One day when i have the time and energy I will put it on paper. God purged and purged and purged my life of ppl, places and things until I thought I might turn into just a shell of a human. I didn't. I made it. I clung to him every.single.moment for days, weeks and months. It was beautiful and sorrowful. Heartbreaking and healing.

So today we need prayer. If you read this stand with me and pray out loud, or in your heart Psalm 145 with me. A sweet friend shared it w me this morning.

"I will exalt you, my God the King; I will praise your name for ever and ever. Every day I will praise you and extol your name for ever and ever." (Psalm 145:1, 2 NIV)

No matter what, I will continue to do this. If God is dealing with you and change is around the corner...cling to him. Live every moment IN HIM. Redemption will come. His mercies are new every single morning and what you face he knows you can handle. He hems you in, in front and behind. He sees YOU. He cares for YOU. He loves YOU. Passionately and fiercely. He is our provider and together we will stand and proclaim his goodness. We do not labor in vain, but for HIS name.

God is moving and stirring the hearts of women in my own community. Freedom and breakthrough's are around the corner, and change creates chaos. We will hunker down IN HIM knowing he above all will care for us. We will fight together in his name.

I pray that if anyone reads this and doesn't have a safe community where they can be vulnerable that God will send you one or you can email me. I am surrounded by women who are prayer warriors and seek his face and his word daily and have their own stories of God redeeming their lives. They have hearts for women, hurting women especially. We are not trying to keep up...that's an empty way of life and we all played that game at one time or another.

All that said, proclaim his goodness in your life NO MATTER WHAT. Today share with someone His goodness and his mercy in YOUR story....we all have one.

(I posted the picture below of our gal. It captures innocence and joy. Untainted by life in her youth and that God has a story for her own little life that he is writing.)

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