Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Prayer for Peace and Kindness

Lord, today I need your peace and to surrender ppl. I need to live in the truth that nothing I do or don't do defines me. Only you define me Lord. All earthly things will pass away. You are my abba father. You accept me broken, prideful, humbled, messy, and hurting. You know my wounds and how easily others words affect me. Protect me from others judgements and my own judgements of others. Silence the side of me which craves approval from my mother, father, husband, sister, friends and children. Let me see through a heavenly vision, not an earthly one. Let me know the enemy aims fiery darts right into my wounds and I take them for truth, hook, line and sinker. Speak truth over me. Free me from all the enemy's lies about who I am.
May I never forget that you delight over me w singing and you quiet me with your love. That you are my protection and right hand. Nothing evil that comes against me shall prosper. Your truth and mercy prevail. Remind me Lord, that I am a broken cistern, I can't meet others needs nor fill them up. Let me be okay when others aren't and keep me mindful that you are my Savior and theirs too. Keep me humble and quick to forgive. Silence my heart, mind and mouth when I want to speak harshly. Show me what it means to act justly, love mercy and walk humbly with you. Keep me seeking your face without turning to the left or right. May my day and my heart be in tune with yours. Let me be mindful that nothing which happens throughout my day is out of your will. Keep me humble. Keep me willing. Keep me open and most of all let kindness flow out of me to those I don't think deserve it.

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