Saturday, May 18, 2013


I am reminded that the simple things are the biggest blessings. Our house is small and tiny and I thank God, bc he knows I really believed, deep down, that money, big houses and fast cars would make me happy. He has taught me how rich I am and how big, fat carrots on a cool April night make my heart leap, my boy running "tremendously" through a wide open field of clover, my husband weeding the garden as the wind blows...all this matters. These moments. My family and the joy that now surrounds us. Full is a word that comes to mind. Full on being in and living full of Christ. Not that we never struggle, not that there are endless days of no tears, but FULL in knowing He is in every detail and He fills us up when life cannot.

Our little neighbor screams from the trampoline sing 'our' off key I belt out "blessed be the name of The Lord..." And have little voices sing along. In every season we will praise his name. If anything this is the legacy I want to leave my children. Not my money, my church membership, community service, but Him. I want my children to know Him. To know His goodness. His love. To experience life in Christ. That is my prayer. Life is rough. The world throws curveballs and people can be hurtful and confusing, BUT In Christ it rises you above the earthly and lift your head above to look at Him.

"Be in this world, but not of this world...." Slowly it is making sense. That is the LIFE I want....

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