Monday, March 18, 2013

Winter Jam

My nine year old boy and I jetted off to Winter Jam yesterday afternoon leaving my cautious, planner hubs and daughter at home to enjoy a less chaotic night filled with watching tv and strumming the guitar. This is how they roll, mostly. I was telling the hubs this morning, as I was proclaiming that my friends and I were meeting to camp for a night w the children over our spring break. He responded " all the children" and I assured him that I function better in chaos. It gives me a rush and propels me into motion, where the day to day tasks SUCK the life right out of me and have me incapable of doing menial task. He looked at me like I had 10 heads and I proceed to remind him my love language is fun...again the dazed and confused look.

So back to Winter Jam, 10 bands for 10 bucks. Jason Castro, Toby Mac, Jamie Grace.... It was a great line-up and I had a ball. We met some friends and then HUD had a melt-down and we left at 8:15. I was silent walking to the car, which for those who know me well, that never happens. We climbed in our car and I hear a small voice say..."I am sorry I disappointed you"... Heart melts.
I was able then to explain my heart which was I am sad we couldn't stay, but not with him. He was able to say that he just didn't enjoy it and I told him that was okay. It felt nice to have a healthy, non-manipulating conversation and understand and feel understood. That is know and be known. I long for this in our family and we are all working on it.
So here's is our first, and maybe only, concert picture together when we got home. He looks thrilled and immediately after this picture was taken I found him passed out in his bed with all his clothes on. Poor guy was exhausted...
Until next time.

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