Saturday, May 18, 2013

Magic Kingdom

A year or so ago I posted that'd we'd take the banshees on a mission trip before we went to the magic kingdom. Slightly hypocritical...hmmm. A free place to stay was offered to us and saving my money from Trinkets and we are here. It is magical and a bit overwhelming! Epcot was our first stop yesterday and I will say the first few hours felt a little hellish to me. It was chilly and windy and packed.
After a break and dressing in warmer clothes, half of our tribe headed back to meet the rest who had stayed. We had a wonderful time. Owen did say during the first part of the morning..."I want to go back to the cottage and play with my animals." It made my heart melt. It was a little how I felt. The simple things.

We are making wonderful memories and as always, being with the cousins is an adventure in itself. We do hope to head south with the eldest on a mission trip in the fall and expose him to reality and the need of a Savior, food and water that ppl are hungering for. Just like some come to the Magic Kingdom clueless that their souls are really searching for the Real Magic Kingdom.

Next stop Animal Kingdom. Gearing up for a chilly day and lots of ppl and memories made. We are grateful to be here. My banshees are loving it. Just hoping to keep our spirits in check and be reminded of the one who made it all. It is easy to have it drowned out by all going on and so many distractions of things that truly are an amazing experience, but in eternity won't matter...for now Owen just wants to see Mickey.

Tata for now!

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  1. Glad you are blogging again! I like reading your blog. Disney was overload for us too! Glad to have it checked off our list!