Saturday, January 12, 2013


CJ's birthday was Jan 6th. We are officially old, but still so young at heart. We {the neighborhood and I} baked him up a boxed cake topped w icing and let's just say it was "sweet". Nothing fancy, had friends over for dinner and lots of hugs from his family. He is aging well. I've known him for 16 years now and he has grown kinder, wiser, cuter, more Christ like and the older we get the more we are getting each other in different, awesome ways. It's hard work though but worth it.
We are in hopes of buying Tinks cottage and renovating her. We had a company come look to give us a quote and these swanky kids walked in. Literally, they looked so young. Even CJ said the same thing. It really humbled me in the fact so many older people used me for Real Estate and I started when I was 23. Crazy. Soooooo not ready to renovate a third house, but it's needed. That or a new house. Living here going on two years in June has taught me marble countertops are nice, but it doesn't really matter. Space is great, but does not equal happiness. Due to quitting Real Estate, for now, CJ taking a job that he thought would be a huge career path ended up a dead end....we have been strapped for money. It's been freeing almost not to have so many choices and has taught us in deep ways the value of a dollar. We are now back to normal, but it was a good lesson and a sweet time and even then, we were so richly blessed.
I am on day 5 of the Whole 30. It's proven tough, but good. I am taking it a meal at a time and have a great support group of women who text verses and prayers and check-ins all day long. Two is better than' sho.

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