Sunday, January 06, 2013

Happy Birthday Mo!

Mohana is the lady next to me, my Chilean friend and as feisty as they come in her personality and walk with the Lord. She is such a testimony of the Lord and his provision all the time, her stories are truly amazing and the Lord shows her himself in the most tangible ways to her and others through out her continued faithfulness and waiting on him . She walked the hard road w us in our small group during our year or rather years of the great valley and our friendship has deepened and widened since.
Mohana came to Homewood FIT last Feb hesitant. Her email she sent after her first workout would make one cry and laugh all at the same time. She had never done a push-up, she hated running and God was showing her she needed to come back and join us. She shed tons of weight, her pushups got better and she actually enjoyed running across the park within a couple of mths of FIT. Before, her knees hurt and she could barely get off the couch....enough concerning all that, but physically and inwardly this lady has had a revolution of sorts and God has been transforming and using Homewood FIT as a tool for that. That is why I love what I do and am passionate abt other women leading healthier is hard, almost impossible for me, from experience, to do it on my own. I need stories and words of affirmation and encouragement. Two are better than true.
Okay, moving on to my point. So God's hand in it all has been Mohana has now become our FIT Chef. She cooks weekly for the women and her food is beyond average, she is a feisty cook as well and uses tons of spices and doesn't overcook her food (like we americans do...according to her). God has done great things in her following him and obeying him regarding her health and treating her body as his temple. She eats healthy now and looks fabulous. So happy, happy day sweet lady and friend. So glad to have you in this journey through life and work!

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