Monday, January 21, 2013

Hug Yo' Babies

I remember vividly my first pregnancy, the other two quite are blurry. We thought this kid hung the moon and were amazed at becoming parents. Time rolls by, the days that seemed so long and never ending are now distant memories. I love, love this age. He still carries so much innocence and love for us most of the time. Riding bikes is his delight and he has found the joy of reading, finally.
This baby that has become a boy is so intuitive, much like me. He is smart and a math guy as well, which I am not. He has always been an old soul and the way in which he filters the world through the gospel is a little intimidating at times. He's a little theologian and thinker who says things like "God spoke to me during my test by putting scripture in my head...I can do all things..." He feels the Fall of mankind daily and is able to identify his brokenness far better than most adults. We speak the same language and get each other. CJ on the other hand thinks we are both from mars sometimes and him and gal are definitely more in tune to each other. We can't wait to see where Owen, as he becomes more verbal, fits in all this.
So hug those babies and boys. Time is flying by and while I long for heaven, I long for time to linger as well. For seasons, now, to last a little longer, for my boy to stay a boy. So, today we are going hiking. We are embracing today and living like it won't last, bc it won't. Hopefully great memories will be made and lots of laughter. He won't be a boy forever and babies grow so fast. Seize the day whatever season you are in!

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