Sunday, February 03, 2013

Seek His Presence Continually

I can't tell you enough how God whispers and shows up daily, minute by minute. I say this not to boast bc He is the one who does this, not me. His spirit is living in me. This past year has been such a spiritual recovery for me. Relearning my theology and doctrine and really seeking and challenging what I learned my whole life and my view of God. God never changes. His character remains the same even if how you view him doesn't.
This season I have felt him with me. He is real to me, as in I can feel him guiding me. I have open hands, an open heart and I am not trying to figure out or explain God away anymore. I desire a personal relationship with him, as he does with me and that leads to freedom and not having to be right, or prove others wrong. I am so thankful for the countless, countless acts of mercy he has given and bestowed on me. I think once one has been saved from the pit by his gentle, loving hands and walks in His truth they can't help but be fiercely passionate about Him. The word has become alive and the Gospel has exploded into my heart.
Even this morning I was so in overdrive thinking about the small business that is up and running and how to grow it better, and then I felt the gentle whisper of "you can't do this alone." I immediately got off our social media business page and found scripture. He confirmed that soft voice with his word being "seek my presence continually." How sweet of Him. He is constantly showing me he is there through things like that.
This world had a grip on my soul, truly, I felt haunted and so IN the world. It took years of stripping and breaking, for God to have my heart gripped IN Him. I know this..."ask and it shall be given, seek and you will find"...our God is big and waiting for us to give everything to Him. I don't do it perfectly, but my heart does yearn for him most days!
On things happening...we are moving to a community Ross Bridge and opening a FIT there. Praying God will bless us and open doors to minister to women.

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