Sunday, December 30, 2012

Verse of the day

I woke up feeling a spirit of edginess towards everyone. I grabbed my phone and spent some time digesting what the verse of the day meant in its context. The website I looked up had the written across the top..God's Rest. It talked abt the Israelites in the wilderness and than the promised land, and how today our promised land is IN Him. There it is again, IN Christ. Those were always words that before to me, I was saved at the time, but I really had no clue what living IN Christ meant. Honestly, I was too busy caught up in what everyone else was saying pastors , teachers, friends...until I hit my bottom and than other bottom and God showed me what IN Christ felt like. He transformed it into my heart and life and led me to a lifestyle of victorious living IN Him.

Today, this morning, I was not IN Christ, that does not mean I was not saved nor does it mean Christ loves me less, but I was believing MY thoughts, my ways and living here {picture me waving my hands in a horizontal manner}. God gently pointed me to scriptures, I thought I didn't have time to read, but He renewed, refreshed and brought me back to living IN Him {picture me waving my hands vertically}. He becomes my filter for this world, my thoughts and moods. Really, if you haven't experienced this, you might be rolling your eyes....and that is okay. I promise. But for those who know what I am talking just know.

So, I am centered again. IN Him.
"My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor my ways your ways...." how true this verse is. Not sure where it is found, but it is Gods truth not mine. "Having the mind of Christ" is another good one. To top it off, I was struggling just living in this world several mths ago and was "in my head". I saw a bumper sticker that was probably as secular as they come, which God has totally used secular things in my life for His glory, but back to the bumper sticker....

"Do not believe everything YOU think."

Wowzer. Chew on that one.

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