Friday, December 28, 2012

Provision {part two}

Well now, I probably shouldn't have gotten this blog app, for your sake, but again writing is therapy for me, and I've missed it. My phones abt to die and I am wedged by two sleeping, heavy breathing, drooling babes so this might not even make it to the wall.
God provided today, again. I sent out 'a man's going down' text yesterday {i felt my soul was nearly on empty} and within less than 24 hrs we were sitting in a friends kitchen, worshipping w some awesome music and encouraging each other on this weary road. I've had special, deep friendships in many seasons and treasure each friendship in deep, special ways. These women would go to battle for me and give a limb. They love deeply and would come if they got a call from me in the middle of the night, and they are true encouragers. I am thankful for these friends today. God etched out a time for this. We threw our kids together, braced ourselves for the drama and watch Holy moments unfold in our midst. There is intimacy in praying together, in agreeing with each other that God is enough. These girls teach me abt faith, wonder, trust and believing daily IN the power of Christ. If you don't have 3AM friends get some and most importantly be that friend that would come or answer her phone in the middle of the night. Fight the good fight....together.
My tank was so full tonight, I was able to rest, give my banshees the time and affection they needed without being stressed or rushed. A peace and calmness filled my soul and this house. Amd again God provides over coffee with friends. It's in the simple things of life I am learning. Again. And again. And again.
Now back to sleep....

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