Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Updates and Picture Dump

God is so gracious. Really he is...

At times I look at Tink's cottage and feel an overwhelming urge to cry when I realize our rental is anything but my dream home. I've joked I need banners made to put up that say "transitional living". Hopefully the manor will sell in the spring and we can move forward or maybe it won't and God will teach me contentment.

Living in a "bubble" has many, many benefits and many, many drawbacks. One that tempts me often is, looking in and at others lives, materially what they have and what I don't. Then I think of "Kisses for Katie" or my friends Merrell and Annie who run the Bethany Home in Southside and give their entire lives and money back to women who suck the life out of them daily... or anyone giving up their lives for the sake of others who are difficult to love. It is in these moments I am brought down to reality, humbled and back to grasping that is who I want to keep up with. To pour forth my life into others, not in decorating or fashion. My vision gets blurry at times and good, godly friends and the hubs flesh it out with me. Gratitude changes your attitude or at least mine. But is doesn't come easy, and it's easy to forget. Daily I have to remind myself of the dream life I live compared to so many others. I am thankful for healthy children, a husband who desires to know and care for me in ways I never imagined and a fridge, even if it's from the 70's, full of food. Just making this list my heart becomes full. So out with the "don't-have" list and in with the "gratitude" list. My life is rich, good and enough. Always enough.

Here is an attempt to catch up with the banshee's growth and happenings, as this blog started out as my "scrapbook"...
Meet the teacher. 1st and 3rd Grade.

The creamery is dangerously in walking distance from Tink's cottage.

 We lived in the pool this summer, can you tell?
3.5 going on 16, he thinks he is hilarious...which of course he is.

Isaiah has captured our hearts and become Owen's new BFF this summer. His parents rescued him out of an orphanage in Uganda. He is so happy and precious.

Gracie Gal was moving to Nashville, BUT her dad got to keep his job and stay here. We spent the day with her today and are so grateful she is not moving. This has been Owen's first and longest best friend.
 This summer they made sure Owen's scooter was clean!

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