Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Good-bye Summer and Dixie Sailing Club

Wow! It is here. The end of summer. It is still hot, there are mosquito's still swarming, and we are still swimming, yet summer is settling down. The longing for fall is slightly there and definitely a longing for cooler weather. We have burned at both ends and loved it. Best summer yet, I think. The banshee's are all at easy ages and it has been wonderful having them home. We spent time with friends and also alone. We've done some camps, but have enjoyed each other. I am soaking it all in knowing there is such a short time these people will want to be home...with me...together. SO, we took advantage of our time for our most part and had a wonderful time (minus the adjustment period and me shouting like a banshee...a lot)

Here are some pictures and an ode to Dixie Sailing Club where I grew up, jumping off the very same docks, using the "Gulls" bathroom in the lodge that hasn't changed one bit and enjoying the clear water on Lake Martin. I can't believe we have never taken the children here and now they are having to relocate from the land they've had forever. We've heard the land they are moving to is amazing, but it will take a while to build a lodge like this one. Nonetheless, I am thankful we will have place to lodge when they do get it up and running. They enjoyed their last weekend of summer here and it was the perfect end to our lazy summer.

Grandmama is the best playmate, especially in the water!

 We celebrated my 15th birthday here with my friends....maybe I can dig up an old picture.
Needing redemption.

 I grew up with my family at the lake almost every weekend. Life happened, I went to college and Dad quit sailing! He will make a come back though. Hopefully she'll be back in the water soon after some TLC! I am so excited about getting the banshee's on the water. There is nothing better than having a long weekend sailing!

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