Monday, July 23, 2012

So little time and so many thoughts...

So, I have neglected blogging because my life is busy, my banshee's are growing and changing and I love/hate it all at the same time. Summer has been fun and busy and busy and fun. The days are long and hot and filled with little feet, hands and voices and they all seem to be growing right before my very eyes. Life is so short, I feel as though I am ever more aware of this as I turned 35 this year and people who are my age are passing away, getting shot at and life seems fragile. I used to wish my days away, and believe me there are days I wish I could have a redo, but overall we are full and content and really grasping the Gospel in new and vivid ways daily.


We are trying to live it well, taking back the years the locust ate and almost swallowed us whole, but God pulled us back from the gates of hell and we are thankful for this everyday.

I am blogging with dinner about to be ready and a little gal in my their baby years I didn't think we'd survive. That I would survive, and certainly not be sane at the end. My babies grew to toddlers and now they are big, it goes fast. I am thankful I am not there anymore. I loved my babies, but it was hard and I am thankful for a season of self-sufficient children for the most part.

 I am thankful for conversations like this morning, the eldest slammed his toe into our blanket chest and after he calmed down he stated "I wish Adam and Eve had never sinned. Life is hard. Life hurts." Yes son, I agree... I agree, BUT the good news is God does love us and he sends his Spirit to comfort us and help us survive the sorrow. He is the comforter. Jehovah-Jireh has been on my mind lately too, "the God who provides." He provides for me daily. He restores. He redeems and sanctifies. He can give endless joy despite people, places or things.

His answers are always Yes and Amen.

And now my banshee's are starving...tata for now.

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