Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Catching up

Well, it has been over a month since I have written. I have had one moment where I begin, but I was just too tired and could not put a sentence together. We are busy. Burning at both ends, busy. We live at the pool or in the house. The heat is unbearable here in Sweet Home Alabama. I think, I must, I've got to have, some kind of mood disorder from it all. I am a bear lately. I have asked a lot of forgiveness, offered up prayers but my attitude towards the Banshee's, seems at best, reactive. They don't listen well and I don't respond well. The balance of living in a broken, fallen world and experiencing that brokenness and friction with the people you love the most is happening daily in Tinks Cottage. It is hard, but still in the hard, broken and fractured I am blest, grateful and humbled God has chosen me to be their mama. I assure them on the worst days, that it is not a mix-up that they got me and I got them to walk this road together. God chose us to help redeem and rub and sanctify us to Him through each other. It's the sand that creates the pearl right?!

Through out all the meltdowns and the heat, we've have had fun as well. Our summer book we are reading together is the Hobbit. We've had craft days, Hudson did manage to cut himself with a knife, don't ask, but we avoided the hospital thankfully. Swim team is daily and we are all going to grow gills as that is the only way to be out of the house and keep semi-cool. We spend a lot of our days there with friends. The Banshee's overall seem happy and the countdown to the cousins has begun and the excitement is growing by the hour and we are still a week out. Fun times.

Our little church plant CFC is growing. We got to share our story with our small group on Wed. God has brought us leaps and bounds and has done miracles. It is so freeing to love my husband, to trust my God and to lean not on my own understanding. We feel blessed and honored to be part of planting a church and it just shows all God can, will and has done.

What's been keeping me busy as well is, Homewood FIT. It was hard for a couple of months to know if we were doing the right thing. God never did shut doors, so we kept on stepping out in faith. In June we had a full class and a waiting list, I got my first paycheck,  and we now have savings and a bank account. It has all been so exciting and fun. We are bringing on a FIT Chef, one of our women and friend who's a feisty, amazing cook from Chile. God has definitely blessed us in numerous ways. It has taught me to never give up and to take chances!

In other news, a mama named Laura Black died of after a battle with cancer. Her life has been glorifying to God from the start of her battle. Although I personally did not know her, her writings and life celebration have been life changing for me. I would encourage you to listen to the service, her husband and her best friend for sure are key speakers with life changing messages. Pray for her children, family and friends. Click here for her caringbridge site.

Stay Cool!!

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