Thursday, May 31, 2012

Jesus, Jesus precious Jesus

SUMMER. It is here, it is upon us and I welcomed it with open arms and now I am wondering what in the world are we going to do?! The elder Banshee's have swim team and are already becoming champion swimmers. Hud is my sensitive guy who declares often he is not a 'sports guy', which we are totally fine and supportive of, but he needs an outlet. So, I am hoping swimming might be that outlet. He is seems to be flourishing in it. I just pray he finds something he is super at and that is what he pours his energy into that and not the wrong things of this world.
I am starting a book with my LIFE girls, the "Power of a Praying Life". I am excited and hungry for Jesus, not because I am super holy and that is the right thing to say, but because I am super broken and in need of redemption to make straight my path. everysingleday. Today, I am reminded I need to do some "housecleaning" which for me looks like this:
  • Figure out where I am trying to get my deepest needs met. Through money, friends, food, my job...- and put those in proper perspective. Our family creed is "Worship the Creator, not the creation". I know at different phases of life I SUCK the life out of different things trying to fill the black void in my heart that only Jesus can fill. I wind up feeling emptier and emptier through each attempt.
  • The God of intellect must become real and transcend into my heart and daily into my life.
  • I am not God. I must quit pretending to play God with people, places or things. I have to renounce my selfishness, narcissism and grandiosity.
  • I renounce putting other people or human institutions in the role of God.
So easy to write down and put into bullet points. Hard, hard to live out daily. Because I want to live in ultimate freedom and joyfulness while here on this earth these few things I have to put these into heart needs this for change and constant reminders it is not about me!

And on a random not....Looking through photo's I found this. Counting the days until my 'mother' girls trip!

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