Monday, May 14, 2012

One by one...

I am counting my blessings. One by one...

  • Coaching a beautiful group of women at 5:45 FIT class this morning. Thankful I have a body I can still move
  • Hot coffee and misty mornings at home on my couch
  • Owen's voice in the other room playing Little People. I am thankful for little feet and little voices running through my house all day long
  • Reading "Jesus Calling" to the banshee's and soaking up my sweet innocent faces that sit around the table before school, knowing I have so little time before hormones hit
  • Picking up an old friend walking her dog and speaking truth to her after school drop off
  • Washing sheets filled with tee-tee
  • Cleaning up a bottle of spilled vinegar
  • Making bowls of ceral
  • Reading my Bible
  • Stroking Charlie, soaking up a dog's love
  • Setting up a Little People Village
  • Sweeping
  • Threading a needle for the hubs to sew a button. It's how we roll. He irons, sews and cooks...Fist pumps to a good man
  • Pleading with Jesus and scripture to heal Laura Black and Mohana's mom

...all before 10 AM

Today is all I have and tomorrow may not come. May I count these days and treasure my ability to do everything just listed. Sorrow is at hand, but joy is close by, we just have to look for it in the ordinary.

My friend Mohana's mama is in Chile in critical condition from a stroke. Mohana lives here with her husband. The sorrow and homesick feelings must be overwhelming to her at times and not having much information..... I know she is clinging to Christ. Pray for healing and money for the Schull's to get to Chile!!!

Laura Black's story is found here. I have never met her, but have been following her story from a distance. Pray, pray, pray for a miracle for this mama!

Count your blessings just for today and be overwhelmed at God's goodness and love in all you do!

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