Saturday, May 19, 2012

Keeping It Simple and $60

Walking through the valley there were so many lessons learned, so many thought patterns and habits to be undone and retrained into a different way of thinking and operating. As I begin a journey to healthiness and wholeness, back to the Lord being in and at the center of my heart, it was the simple things that spurred on change. Simple slogans I walked around repeating, a child like faith of God, a kindness towards myself and others, saying I am sorry, owning my part in things, acting in selflessness, helping others, making a gratitude list when I was fearful or angry. These things lead me to freedom. Sometimes it gets all confusing and people get so caught up in the politics of religion that we forget the whole point.
It is a constant surrender that you can't do it and an acknowledgement that it is already been done. Knowing God can and will change you and being open and aware of this and simply having childlike faith. I longed to be a person like this, to really live life this and slowly I am learning how.

Yesterday, We had a WOD (workout of the day) for WOMEN Friday (this was our first), with Homewood FIT. We are going to do it biweekly or once a month, as it is a third day for our women and also raises money to give to another women in need in the community and the cost is $10 for those not in the FIT community, $5 for those that are. Back to yesterday being our first one...we raised $60 which for one hour is good and I had no real expectation except this is what God had showed me he wanted us to do and we were actually doing it. (Note: ask God to show you and then do what you feel he is leading you to do and you will see Him work) So, I left with $60 in a mason jar and it was going to Mohana our own FIT Girl whose mom lives in Chile and is really sick and has very little  money. (I've shared an email that Mohana sent before here on this blog) ANYWAYS, rambling I know... Mohana texted me that she had talked to her mom after the workout and her mom said she had been to the Dr and was prescribed some medication and would need Mo to wire her $60. SIXTY DOLLARS. We had raised that exact amount, the last being in nickels and coins, but we had SIXTY DOLLARS.
God is doing amazing things, yet again.

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