Sunday, April 29, 2012

Charlie, Tink's Mascot

In case you are new around here, I am a story teller and through this blog we are story dwellers. The most important story is about Jesus and how he rescued us. That is how we want to be defined and remembered overall. That is one story that is beautiful from beginning to end and always consistent. 

Our other story is 'our story', one that has emerged over the years and is nothing spectacular or special, but the fact that it is our own makes it special to us. My children are the banshee's, we moved from the manor (our money pit 'mansion') to a cottage high on a hill in the woods of a community that is a tiny forest packed full of bungalows. Our cottage is named Tinkerbell's Cottage, inhabited by the banshee's, myself and the Mister...and now our mascot, Charlie.

Charlie's owners posted on FB he needed a loving home and lots of attention. On a whim, I posted "let me talk the Mister into it", little did I know I would. We got Charlie on Thursday for the weekend. Charlie is laying beside me and asleep and chances of him becoming our permanent mascot are looking good. You will see multiple pictures of the Mister smiling, hugging and even kissing the mascot. DO not be deceived. There has been complaining of hair, smells, cost, you name it. Deep down though this man has fallen in love, though he would deny it. As for the banshee's and myself, Charlie had us from hello!
 The three year olds. Charlie does not jump, bark, chew and is house trained. (hence why we have Charlie)
Hoping Owen can learn some things from him
 Every little boy needs a puppy. Owen is so thrilled to have a friend while the older banshee's are at school!


Charlie is not sure what to think about the chaos he has been dumped into. After he got over the initial shock, I think he is enjoying all the entertainment we provide!

Charlie on his way home to visit Tink's Cottage. He was a little more than nervous, although well behaved.


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