Saturday, March 31, 2012

Grove By The Sea..lots of pics (and ode to Bubby)

We stayed at a new place Grove by the sea, roughly a mile from Seaside, it came with bikes (a lot were broken) but nonetheless my parents lived on the two that worked most of the time. We enjoyed the house and neighborhood pool. Seas the Day was the home's name and that we did daily!

Of course we have to bring excitement with us wherever we go and 9-1-1 was almost dialed, but we found the eldest banshee just before I dialed the last 1. I will spare you the details, but we all assumed the others had him. No one had him, we couldn't find him and he had been seen last on the neighborhood playground. He was found with palm tree bark in one hand and stick in the other on the side of the road, looking lost and pitiful. He was brave though, I on the other hand bawled like he had died ONCE we found him and never want to lose him again.
He stated he kept telling himself he was on an adventure, to have fun and just prayed to God the whole time. Thankfully, he held it together better than me :) and that we still are a party of five.
Unfortunately, we did NOT lose Bubby. I am kidding, but he was a handful on Tuesday and I did not see the beach or the pool for a whole day. I decided to document a melt-down so like any healthy parent I can remind him, when he is older, of his horrible, horrific day we had to stay home while at the beach.

 Refueling and Owen on his fourth PBJ by noon. It was one of THOSE days.
 We did get to the beach and the fun times ensued.
BFF Cousins. Does it get any better than that?!

Bubby showing Emily how he can twirl his hair. I am sure growing up in the North and not typically seeing Jon-Jon's on boys, she might think Bubby is.... well, unique. Hud wore the Jon-Jon's til he was 5, not really, but almost. I am thinking with Bubby's love for the camera, twirling hair and batting eye talent, along with walking on his tip-toes as we all shout Tinkerbell, the Jon-Jon's might need to be retired very, very soon.

He is a fierce little guy if you lick his ice cream. He doesn't have major come aparts typically, but don't mess with his ice cream. The real melt-down ensued shortly after this, he was just starting to realize I might be coming to "help" him before it came crashing down in his lap. He wasn't happy. Wasn't happy at all.

Random, but I love my sister's ruffled bag.
She is going to sell them for $50. Aren't they adorable!
She made them from her daughter's old skirt scraps.

Bubby scoots around the neighborhood, loving life.

 Tiny seahorse my niece found on our walk. So sad, but so cool!
Granddaddy and Bubby have a bond

 They do too!
Loving being a "wave crasher"

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