Sunday, April 01, 2012

Sand Castle Specialists

We officially need a certificate. Sand Odyssey is a one man gig and he taught us how to build sand castle's. Of course I knew his life story before I left, but (again) I will spare you the details. He is a handy dandy with sand that is for sure and we learned a lot of tricks. For future beach trips we will be taking a small block of wood (that makes great stairs), scrapers, a paint brush, long metal strips the size of paint stirrers roughly, funnels and lots of buckets.
It was so fun! Seaside posted on their FB wall they were having it that afternoon for free, so of course we made our way to check it out. My banshee's loved it and it was very hands on. If you are heading down to 30A area anytime soon, see if he is offering another class.

Mr. Sand Odyssey was very impressed with how well behaved Bubby was for being only 3.
I smiled and nodded and stated "just avoid giving him ice cream".

These two look more like each other than they do their own siblings!

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