Saturday, March 31, 2012

I am having a hard time finding words for this entry.

As I stood in front of this ginormous body of water and the glowing sun-orb, I watched it as it disappeared and the ocean seemed to swallow it up. After riding for 4+ hours and beginning the anticipated trip of the season to our beloved gulf, that engulfs my heart and soul every.single.time, the banshee's and our cousins were filled to the tip top of their souls with pure joy. As I age, my appreciation grows tenfold. I am swept away by the beauty and white, soft sand under my feet, by simple laughter, time that seems to stand still and I want to bottle the moment. I captured it in pictures, but pictures will not do it justice and my soul is reminded again that even though we are home tonight, tucked tight in our own beds, we are so far from 'home'.

Longing for heaven...

 What was meant to be our family beach picture...didn't happen

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