Tuesday, March 06, 2012

capturing my thoughts

Some days I go back and forth between blogging here and sharing my struggles, my victories, my sorrows and my joys for fear that I will be misunderstood or judged. Most days I do not live there, but I have had moments of thinking maybe I should just go back to the scrapbook mentality and blog our life in pictures, not printed out words that record our messy life, what it was, what it is and what we dream. And then I remember my mother's words "people are not thinking about you, they are thinking about themselves" and it makes me feel better, so I keep on blogging. Thanks mom!
I love writing, but hate proof reading (so typically I just don't ;)), and pray that my experience, strength and hope can encourage that someone who may need it. I have a handful, a teeny tiny handful, of people who encourage me about writing here and so I just keep sharing my stuff- past, present and future- and pray it sheds light on your own journey. Writing is therapy as well and helps me recount, on paper, all God has done and is doing. An act of worship... proclaiming Him throughout all the mess. So to my audience, my little audience that I am ever so grateful for, thank you, thank you for coming back and encouraging me and continuing to read even though there are multiple, multiple grammatical errors in every.single.post. and almost sentence. I wish I cared, but I don't!
Now Moving on...
 My latest revelation is teaching my banshee's to capture their thoughts. In light of the latest storms on Friday, we packed up and headed to the Grands with our Dollar Tree stash and bags ready for the "big" one. Tinks Cottage is nestled on a hill near the woods and has no basement. It makes me extremely nervous when there are storms threats ever since last April. In prepping the banshee's, especially Sally Weather (aka MH), for the weather that would be arriving during their school day, I started explaining what taking every thought captive looks like and giving examples like "when you start thinking thoughts about the storms coming and tornado's....STOP....and instead start thinking, or saying aloud facts about God. "He is my father. He can be trusted. He loves me. He cares for me"...." In having this teaching moment I feel like it actually challenged me to do the same. I am realizing more and more how it all starts in your thoughts, I buy into Satan's lies about me and about others every single day. I am becoming more and more aware of the battle we are in.
My Bible study I am in is amazing. The women have all had spiritual awakenings of some sort...changes, testimony's....they believe, really believe and take God's word seriously. They have stories of healing, redemption and blessing. It has been so filling and they present a walk with God in such a hands on way and give you tools on how to live and walk with the Lord and others. It truly is the most authentic women's group I have ever experienced. Another gift along the journey.
For now I am signing off. The next few days the Hubs and I are off to Puerto Rico, doesn't that sound fancy and expensive?! Heavens knows we could never afford to jet off to such a tropical place and are heading down with the Hubs work. Yes and thank you! Can't wait for the silence...and beach,  especially the silence. I am a little concerned bc I hate planes. I've been praying, please say your prayers. I would love to get a prescription for some strong medication but I have Jesus, right!! And will make it. And pray. And capture my thoughts. overandoverandover.

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  1. i'm one of your biggest fans, don't you dare stop posting this way. and i'll say prayers for your flights, you'll be fine. enjoy it. (hope you packed your probiotics, the worst thing about flying is the recirculated air, blech!!) xxooo