Wednesday, February 01, 2012


I received this the other morning and broke down in tears as I made the kids lunches for school...

Suzanne DIAPERS’ the word for the day. You know, I am praying that God will open your heart to share with the world, in his time and when you feel ready. I believe that you will be amazed and not face rejection. You write so beautifully and are so gifted in many areas, but especially in the area of writing and poetry. I love you so much. Your life is beautiful to me and God gave you to me as a precious gift from the moment you were conceived in my womb. Your life becomes more beautiful with each passing day, as God is molding and making you after His own will and for His good pleasure. Love, Always, Mama

Everyone needs a "Mama".
Back in the tumultuous years, I would have rolled my eyes and written this email she sent me off as contrived. I was full of conflict and hate, especially towards myself. I could not fake it, never have been able to, and not too many people knew what to do with that. There are several high school teachers I will run into from time to time and I burst into tears. It is quite embarrassing, but a common trait they all had was love and grace and a deep kindness to me. That can change people, especially a kid like me. I wish I could be more like that..... I hope to be more like that.
For now I am tucking Mama's email in a special place and chewing on some of her wisdom about sharing my story here and praying God's will, not mine.


  1. Laura Maddox8:20 AM

    Oh to have a mama that would say words like that! I agree with her, you are so talented and I too cherish you! Love you, Suz, you are one in a million!

  2. Courtney Rodgers3:18 PM

    I can imagine Marion sitting to pray for you in much the same way during the "tumultuous" years. We didn't see her strength at the time.