Thursday, January 26, 2012

Free FIT class

Not always true, but mostly. There was one work out I did recently involving flipping tires and an outlandish leg workout after that. I could not walk for days...maybe I could walk, but definitely not well.
BUT tomorrow's work out will be one I won't regret. Join us for FREE for our 2nd FIT preview class.
It is at 9:30 inside. For more details email

Our first class was AWESOME! It went so smoothly and we got great feedback and had a good turn out. I got a very lengthy email this morning from a lady who has never worked out.
It was so encouraging and she's coming back!

There is a need, we are realizing more and more, for women's fitness that is NOT a boot camp nor a gym setting where you are another number in a class, but a community setting. We are thrilled to get to offer something like that for an affordable price. Imagine two coaches cheering you on as you push yourself and others push you out of your comfort zone (of course in an encouraging way)!  For now, join us tomorrow and check it out. All fitness levels are welcome!

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