Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fire, Rain and Family Fun

We are cranking up the fire pit here a lot, when it is not raining.

She's the boss, can you tell?

The lazy Viney Woods creek was a little like a mini Nantahala as the rain poured down. At one point I envisioned us riding the rapids through Homewood. It had gone down by the time the monsoon stopped. It still is flowing well and we enjoyed the rhythmic sound as we sat around the fire this afternoon. We all still pretend we are on vacation. Loving Tinks cottage, despite it's "tinkish" quirks.

Owen checking out the rain clouds 

Gotta love cheerleading thrift store finds that support older brother's team. Go Upward!
Smores, smores, smores. The banshee's might turn into marshmallows before too long.

The "bag" lady tries to stay warm....seriously when do I NOT have bags under my eyes? 
We were thrilled to get in some shirts this week for Homewood FIT.
We are loving fires day and night,
especially the banshee's as they have become marshmallow roasting pros's!

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