Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Fun

Tonight Mary Holland and her bestie sat down to make Christmas presents for the 4 other little girls in their class. It was such a great time. I hammered out Joy and they strung beads.
The string with the beads on it is Hemp cord and it comes with a lobster clasp and Joy trinket.
Perfect stocking stuffer!  I told Mary Holland we would try and sell them,
still trying to figure out price.
(Will be $8 or under)
My show went great. Thanks to those of you who came. It turned out really well!
I am amazed and humbled by how good God has been in all the trinkets that have sold.
I have had close to an order a day! 
Their handmade labels

We wrapped them up for the day of the party.
 I had as much fun as they did!
MH's headband came from Caroline's Clippies my friend I had the show with! She has adorable stuff and obviously Mary Holland loves hers and wears regardless if it matches her clothes or not ;)
Now onto to decking Tink's Cottage...
The old bookcase door from the manor is on display once again wrapped with greenery, this time I am using it along with a bulletin board for our Christmas Cards. I was wanting to hang it in the window and that just never happened. Now we can see our cards on display as we eat!
Not the same as decorating the manor
I had to embrace the red!
I love pinterest (it can definitely stir up discontentment though) with it's pictures of cream colored stockings and neutral Christmas decorations, but my children would hang me by my toes if I got rid of their stockings they've had since birth...maybe one day. Nevertheless,

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