Thursday, December 15, 2011

Homegrown Daisy's

Things are never ending around here and we burn at both ends. We are having a ball, but crazy busy. Here is a backtrack of photo's from the Daisy Troop representing in our local parade.  We decorated the truck at my neighbors house the day of, and it is so purdy ;)Seriously, can we get a "sweet home Alabama"?!The girlie's thought it was perfect, and were pleased and proud to be throwing their candy. Good times.

Nothing like fake snow at the local Jack's. 
It's always a party. Every single day, which makes Tink's Cottage bearable.
I purged some tonight and have so far to go.
Now off to fold 967 loads of laundry piled high in the corner.
Jesus help me.
Ta ta for now.
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