Friday, November 18, 2011

High Cotton

 My sister called and I was in a cotton field on a field trip. At first I think she thought I was kidding, but I told her I had pictures to prove it. Once I did talk to her on my way back to the "city", she told me about her field trip with her youngest to the Chicago Symphony and lunch in Lincoln park. World's away from Old Baker's farm, cotton, pumpkins and spiders that scurried about on the bales of hay in the barn where we sat eating our sack lunch!  As always, good times. This is my 6th field trip here and my child is only a second grader. Obviously, this is "High Cotton" down here!
Social bug

The ever so southern and sweet Mrs. Baker. Married to 4th generation Farmer Baker. We've known them from cutting down tree's and picking up pumpkins for years on their land. She told us the seeds in Cotton are patented and you can almost do more with the seeds than the actual lint from the cotton. Who knew?!

Jethro! I am convinced he is the mayor of the barn and tells lively stories to the other animals at night. He was such an interesting, enchanting animal to watch.

Here's the field in all its cotton glory!

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