Friday, November 18, 2011

Thankful Turkey's, Fabulous Fall and Crazy Crocker

Here is our thankful hand/feathers. The turkey needs a face, and I will post our thankful hands when it's over! It's been fun and the banshee's have enjoyed it. We've learned Owen is very, very thankful for food and sprite ;) 

The Thanksgiving Feast with Great Nonnie. Love these bossy women, now I know where I got it!!

The tree's outside our windows are changing and the weather has been delightful the past few weeks. Thankful we have a "convertible" wall in this teeny tiny place. 
Gooble. Gobble.

Our morning walk to school. Have I mentioned I love walking everywhere?! 
Crazy Crocker, Daddy Crocker...whatever he is, he made Hudson a birthday cake (and Owen). Homemade Icing (not Paleo), but the works...He gets a little crazy when he starts baking. Crazy Crocker pops right out! It was so yummy though and the boys were thrilled!

The month of November is a terrible time for Birthday's and we have two, and an anniversary. I have promised them a might have to be a 3.5 and 8.5 celebration, but nevertheless they will eventually get one!
All lit up!

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