Saturday, October 08, 2011

Around the House

Owen and Grandmama found these GIANT pine cones in her woods. Now to find a place for them.
Behind it,  the "moss is from the dollar tree, stuck in a vase with a tiny pumpkin to top it off. We picked pine cones to fill the big container and stuck more moss in there. It's all on top of my mother's lace runner. Happy fall y'all.

Owen collected items from Grandmama's woods in an egg carton. They brought it home when she dropped him off. What a great fall representation. Everyone needs a "Nonnie".

Tiny pumpkins and a new place for my wreath.

My mother and Grandmother have collected Milk Glass over the years and I went and raided my mom's china cabinet and hutch. Here is just a FRACTION of what she has. Thankful she is willing to share. Ever reminded of how God has changed our hearts towards each other. Very grateful.

Upcycled lamp. A can of spray paint and a $12 burlap shade from Target.

The bowl came from my mom's collection. Definitely one of my favorites. The lamp I bought for $1 at the thrift store. Loved the shape, hated the color. Again, a can of spray paint and a modern shade.
 Design on a's how we roll. 

Over-sized tea lights. 2 for $1 at the Dollar Tree, although I got the last pack they had and can't find them at other Dollar Tree's. They sell them at Pottery Barn, 6 for $6. 

Our walk-way up to our home is long and winding, with steps. Thankful we have an alley we park in. 
I had our first party, dessert and coffee, for the women in the church plant Thursday night. To keep everyone from breaking a bone I used candles lighting the way up. They turned out well, next time I will have to get a picture.

Bookshelf. Pulled off the street years ago.
 Project this weekend is to paint it a creamy color I bought on sale at Lowe's for $4.
We shall see how it turns out.
Also, spiced up the hallway last week with our oversized painting and a lamp.

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