Thursday, October 13, 2011


 Yesterday was Day # 1. NO SUGAR. I am doing the Whole 30... more information found here.  It is a more restrictive eating program than Paleo, which is a joke since I am not a good rule follower and tend to want to buck the system...which leads to me to say it is taking a lot of surrender, prayer and back to the basics "a day at a time". I love sugar at night... I can go all day without a craving, but night kills me. Surely I can do anything for 30 days right?! We shall see. Anyways, its goal is to really clean and repair your system so it works the way it should and you get the maximum benefit out of what you eat. Basically stick to eating Real Food.

 Lesson learned yesterday. I was craving something sweet about 7 pm and juiced an orange, which maybe produced 4 drops that of course I guzzled down trying to curb my desire, but it only left me wanting more. (like most things in life that you think will satisfy) My "mentor" texted me back to eat some protein and fat instead, the opposite of what I felt like eating. I did it and boom, the craving was gone. Also, she told me, try and eat 3 different veggies in a day. Today, that is my goal.

 Eating Paleo has made me feel so much better and definitely I could tell my workouts suffered the more junk I poured in my system. I finished my ITF 101 class and it was awesome. I shaved my time down from the baseline WOD by 30 seconds and that was on a day I wasn't feeling great. Their coaches are great and they educate you on crossfit and proper form, and I loved the competitive atmosphere. I am excited to go to the Whole 9 conference held at the gym in February.

 On a side note....the sermon this week by David Platt was fabulous. Like sugar, shopping and anything else we try to "fill up" with, it often leaves us empty, wanting more. Like drinking salt water trying to quench our thirst, or squeezing an orange desperate for a sweet fix :). It only drives us to desire more. The sermon could be a  touchy subject, but I thought he taught on it well. It's a heart condition, not how much or how little you have. Click here to listen. Anyways, off to eat some sausage and veggies. I know you must be jealous....

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