Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zero's and Donald Miller

Such a random post, but we will start it out with this video which is defined as random. Quite a show.
Typically, I don't post video's, but this is worth watching people. The girl, sadly, I think is stoned but totally animated...you almost want to get up and start dancing with her....at least I did. My new favorite song, totally think the CJeer and I should do a remix video! Click here to be throughly entertained and enjoy the song....

On to deeper things.

Donald Miller wrote Blue Like Jazz. I need to read it again. Here is a blog entry he wrote on death. It's good.

A reminder. Live for TODAY, it's all you got. Be present. Be intentional. Don't keep track of wrong done to you, pray for that or those persons. Pursue kindness, gentleness, patience, love. Just.for.today.

Sunday, Katie Davis came and spoke. We sat two rows behind her and her little girls. I wept the entire time. The. entire. time. Sobbing. Her parents were there, and it was just a tangible picture of the Gospel. It convicted me so much. God has not only changed me in ways that were obvious that needed change, I really am no longer comfortable groaning and moaning about what I don't have, what I wish I had. Sure, it's a struggle, but geez come on. It. doesn't matter. It is all shallow and meaningless in the light of eternity. Really it is. God really convicted me that my prayer needs to be selflessness, 99.5% of my problems could be resolved if I would just forget about my wants and stop having internal tantrums, which I have, and start caring for others more than myself, which is hard, and start living out His kingdom, which I long to do. I am just not sure where to start. I guess for sure in my home and then with my neighbors, my community....but it is hard, really hard, but oh so good.

And here is a challenge...
Take the next step in front of you.
Follow God's calling.
Seek it out.
Love others more than yourself.
Call someone who is on the outskirts of the social fringes.
Go to lunch with them.
Be courageous.
Be daring.
Be different.

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