Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sugar Madness

I had a hard two days. Hud had a virus, second Dr. visit in a week,...Bubby Boy, we thought, almost split his head wide open...he is fine. Ended up being a tiny cut. Hubs was gone for two nights, so I just HAD to eat Whole Fruit Orange Sorbert last night at 10:30. Gross, right?! I was dying, I mean dying for a sweet. I went to go raid our frozen blueberries, that were all gone, and right there in the freezer it stood before me. I was alone, no one would ever know. It was such a pull and I caved. I was a victim.

It just is showing me this major sugar addiction I had no clue was so powerful and I hope my sacarsm is loud and clear when I say "I was a victim". Good day or bad day I still would have craved sugar. No one made me do it. Cabin Fever did not send me over the edge. I am a sugar junkie and have no clue how to curb these sugar tantrums. I had munched on chicken, broccoli and carrots. I just should've gone to bed. Not sure how to battle this sugar monster, but it is out.of.control, the cravings are maddening. Today's been good. Back to day 1, maybe I will just announce AFTER I am able to string a whole 30 days of clean eating together, or maybe you'll just get to hear my struggle.

Going to bed. This girl is coming in the morning to our church to, so pumped. Peace out.

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