Sunday, October 02, 2011

A bird's eye view from the Twinkle Treehouse

Our good 'ole bubby

Collecting pine cones for the table

Fall is here and sickness has arrived. We have been under attack, on many fronts, and have had everything from colds to stomach bugs and a random fever virus. Not fun. I feel dazed and weary although the weekend has consisted mostly of me sitting around. I have been intentional in spending time with the Lord and in doing so feel pulled and weighted down by despair and sickness and Satan trying to undermine relationships and attacking our health. It has been so very clear to me this time, in the past it just seemed all so confusing as to why all of a sudden I will feel dumped on with a multitude of trials.

 I am trusting and I know God is bigger and we all will come out on the other side closer to Him. In the scheme of things, these "trials" are very small in comparison to what others have faced or are facing, but nonetheless I still feel these things are not of the Lord.
A verse that keeps popping up daily it seems is Isaiah 55:6 "Seek the Lord while he may be found" I feel very close, very secure and very hopeful to Him even though it is irritating daily things that continue to try and derail me from Him. Praying for healing and wholeness this week.
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