Sunday, October 02, 2011

Love the One Your With...

Or the things you already have. Buying new bedding is expensive. I really wanted to buy the boys matching quilts, but not in the budget right now, so I used what I had and was excited to see I didn't even have to sew it together after cutting. It was already sewn in the needed places to keep it in tact. No one will ever know unless they unfold them. Not ideal, but it works for now.

Notice our snake crafts we made last Sunday after our disaster family worship time.
They were fun. For directions you can click here.

All seamstress and/or perfectionist close your eyes, or go ahead and judge. I know the pattern is not sewn to match I barely had enough material for this, and...some of you may not even want to read....I did not have enough lining, SO I cut a pillow case and used that. I was in the mood to finish this, it hangs in the boys bath that anyone hardly ever dares go in, so I wasn't ultra concerned. It did break my needle on my machine, so it hangs now pinned in my bath, a fake roman shade, but oh what a difference it makes.
Maybe one day I will have a proper SEWN shade, but for now this is better than $3 blinds.

The table my husband bought as a bachelor which has now become our one and only table. The wood made me cringe, hello 1990's. It needed updating. On a whim I painted it one night. Can't decide if I love it, but I do know it is so much better than before. Now what to do about chairs?! I am hoping I will find two fantastic chairs like this and a bench like this on the side of the road....

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