Monday, September 26, 2011

Sister chats and little redemptive moments

 I just hung up with my fabulous sister again. Talking through life. Being mama's. Failures. Victories. Crying on our dates with our husband. Grace. Belief and unbelief. Being grateful. Becoming healthier. Needs verses wants. Expectations. Co-dependency. Thanksgiving trip. We can cover a lot of ground in 30 minutes. I felt fed, in a healthy way, when we hung up.
 She is day and I am night. This makes us really good friends, most of the time. She has always been my "udder mudder" (other mother) from the time I was tiny, telling me to brush my teeth, stay out of mud puddles, the whole nine yards. She drove me nuts, and it was mutual. Today, we shared in laughter as we discuss Thanksgiving plans. She is the caretaker. I am the dreamer. Her excitement grew as she thought about the menu, we laughed as I said I dreamed of Thanksgiving at the beach with seafood. That sums us up. And being different is good!! For way to many years I lived in self-delusion that I ought to be more like her, it's a battle that for now is over. I am comfortable with who God made ME to be. It is freeing.
 We did have a very serious conversations concerning needs verses wants. They are very different, but can feel very much the same when you are relating with another asking their need or relating yours. It was a good reminder to clarify what is a need. We also touched on gratitude, I shared my kids have to think of 5 positive things to say for each negative thing said about another. Great rule for adults too. We also delved into anger and/or crying being a deflector for the real emotion going on in a person or yourself.
 Anyways, we are all fighting mighty big battles, not against flesh and blood, even though it often feels that way. Satan will kill, steal and destroy and deceive our minds and test our thoughts about ourselves and others. Just this morning, the almost 8 year old banshee was having a moment of defeat, I asked if he felt unloved by us, his answer was "yes". I was able to be sad with him, to be sad that he "felt" that way, but also speak the truth boldly that Satan is fighting for his thoughts and God knows how MUCH we love him. I feel as though he was able to hear that. It was good. Redemption in the carpool line if you will. Grace, grace God's grace....

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