Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thank God for Trampolines and Redemption

 As I type, I hear laughing and screaming coming from the backyard. My kids are totally entertained on the trampoline. Yep, all three of them, for long periods of time. Worth.every.dime.

 So, as I wait for supper and count the minutes until soccer I am re-reading this blog post. I have read it several times. Good gracious, this lady writes well. I could resonate so much with the following that she writes in relation to my own story. 

"I followed a God into this story who heals and redeems, who restores wasted years and mends broken places. This God specializes in the Destroyed. I've seen it. I've been a part of it. I have His ancient Word that tells of it. I love a Jesus who made reconciliation his whole mission...." 

 Yes, I have tasted and seen. God is good. His mercy is ever lasting and he sought after me and rescued me. Our marriage has been in a fruitful season. We had a lunch date and soaked up alone time together,  but things have not always been this way. Before I broke out my new iBook, yes he surprised me, we were soaking in more time chatting it up on the couch. 

Ya'll God is good. God is gracious. Our marriage was in shambles two years ago, broken, bleeding and doomed, by all worldly measures, to split apart. God was gracious. He mended and healed and it's all been a process, but HE DID IT. It is only a small taste of His graciousness and love through-out my story, our story. 

Wasted years. Broken places. Destroyed.

and now

Fruitful. Healing. Redemption.

 Miracles still happen daily around here and with awe we stand amazed and humbled in how God's hand is so evident in our story. We pray we never forget those "after the airport" and "in the weeds" moments of our marriage. The "lock yourself in the bathroom" and weep moments...

I have found walking through the fire, not away (in our case divorce), not around (this would be denial of pain and problems), but THROUGH... this being aware of the hurt, but choosing to walk towards healing/redemption/forgiveness, which is HARD and scary. 
This has given us new life in our marriage. 

Hope. Transformation. Sanctification. 

There have been hellish moments and extremely Holy moments. It is like birthing a child, hard, painful, exhausting, but all of a sudden burst forth this beautiful human making it ALL worth it.

Now as I wrap this up (hours later), we are back home. People here are sleeping. Soccer has been practiced, dinner and dishes done and talks on serious, good serious, things in midst of it all. Full of joy, still unbelievable to feel this way, and praying for those around me hurting.

We serve a God who loves broken people (me), digs me daily out of trenches and transforms me from the inside out a little at a time. "He's still working on me" remember that song from Sunday school? Well, He is and He will be until we meet face to face. I long for that day.

Gratitude for the day

It's been a good day.

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