Tuesday, September 13, 2011


On Friday after school three extra banshee's joined our clan until Sat evening. Our good, good friends went to the beach for my friend Lauren's birthday. We kept her banshee's and embraced the chaos of 6 kids. Growing up I dreamed of having a large family. The magic number in my head was 7.
I had everything planned as I would daydream about how fun that would be....
I love children, I do. My three at times can almost put me over the edge. I geared up for 6, really geared up and was intentional about our time and made sure we were busy with a plan. All that to say, we had a great time. It ran as smoothly as 6 banshee's can, BUT God will have to call me to have that many children and I tip my hat to those who do.
God bless them.

Here is almost all of them.
Notice the "twins" bathing in the tub. Gotta love one level living. It makes it easy and simple, that is for sure. Someone can even be in the tub while you're cooking dinner. Small houses are great for multi-tasking. I get more done here than I ever did in the manor, although we are sqeezed in our humble abode!Back to the subjects...this was a typical scene, chatting girls and the older boys with weapons.

Keeping it real.
Poor Goose can't get back to her room without crawling over bins. The lack of storage here makes me bonkers. I am working on transferring summer and fall clothes.They now are condensed to a smaller pile and sitting in our living room for now.I try to keep in mind, more space would only lead to more junk. Bigger is not better.

Ever remind me Lord to count my blessings.
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  1. you are a saint. thank you for loving on my kids. and you so didn't have to bath any of them!!! that's way more than i would have done on a saturday!!! ;)