Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Fall is here Y'all. It is beautiful weather and most days our doors and windows are flung open. We are making the most of Tink's Treehouse and love, love our location. Nestled on a hill amongst the tree tops, we feel worlds away from the manor and the city, although it is a stones throw over the Mountain.
We are grateful.

Lots of interesting bugs and GIANT grasshoppers.
It's a daily adventure, especially for Owen who will pick up any and every bug.
This morning he came in with a roly poly. Nice.

On an entirely different note, last week we had our first church plant meeting HERE in Birmingham.
We are amazed to see God's hand in leading us to this point and what he stirred in our hearts a year ago, the desire of planting a church across the nation, has come to fruition right in our backyard with people we know well and have been in community with for a while.
We are excited to see what the future for our little church.
How appropiate this was the verse of the day...

 "First seek the counsel of the LORD."

1 Kings 22:5

That is the desire of our hearts and the desire of this church.
We are excited.

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