Monday, September 05, 2011

Busy Bee's

Labor Day weekend started out with an....air horn. Yes, the dollar tree has them and they entertained all the banshee's for a short stint in the afternoon. Glad they don't last long.

Owen can't wait.

Waiting on the ark. Seriously, it rained and rained and is still raining.
Thankfully, their daddybear shuttled them off to the movies, and I got to be cozy in my slippers all day while it rained. I love rainy days once in a while.

One of my cooking club gals, dropped dinner off in the monsoon and
she is from Seattle. She reminded me this is how I would be living if we had moved a raincoat.

I am so thankful for sunny days and Tink's cottage. God has provided in ways that I couldn't have planned better and our first church plant meeting HERE is this Tuesday.

New Paint and our mini island.

I painted all morning. Our friend had leftover paint and we gladly accepted his generosity in offering it to us. I am doing the "mud room" part in 1/4 of the strength of the kitchen walls. It updated it so much, and I am still in the process of getting all the pulls off the cabinets and looking for new ones.

Our mini island is from IKEA. It has two shelves that go under it as well. I am RE-staining
 the top soon and painting the legs... white?
I am hoping to find some bar stools and put the shelves hung with brackets on the wall to the right.

Caught trying to climb through the window. Lovely.

Fall here we come.
 A lot of our windows can open wide like this and I am doing my best into talking the hubby into making me a dutch door like this. I am hopeful. Then we will officially be a little tree house.

Boys, boys. Stir-crazy boys.

The weather is delightful and their are no bugs thanks to our Cutter Lawn Spray.
We have lived outside without getting eaten up. It's been fantastic.

Working on our people.
(pls note the passed out man in the background, my sweet hubs. I think the rain lulled him to sleep.)

Meet the Tubes.
Mine and MH's original creations with mammoth eyes.
We had craft night which is so fun with a creative soul like hers.
She thought of how to create their crazy hair.
The Tube babes are swaddled in blankets, while MamaTube sports two bows (and ruffles) two things that are a MUST when you are a MamaTube in the south :)!

Old PJ's...since I had all MH's clothes I was cutting up and "up cycling" I decided to see if I could make an American girl doll outfit out of her favorite old PJ's....while we watched the AU game(thank goodness they pulled it off).War EAGLE!

Back to sewing ,I cut one leg from size 4 or 5 pajama shorts and basically sewed it up,
I had elastic and a hem.
I cut the shirt in several different pieces
and revamped it to fit a doll.
 I added the pink from an old pink tee.

 Really and truly it is not a great outfit and I am not really a sewer, I just like to be crafty.
Sweet MH thinks it is the PERFECT outfit for the creamery
and is just thrilled it is out of her favorite pj's....
And that is what matters.

Free shelf. I pulled this off the road. Got Hubby to take off the legs and secure it to the wall.
Not bad for a freebie.

So, the bathroom was a major problem here at Tink's cottage and although it has a long ways to go, it has come leaps and bounds. A curved curtain rod always helps and the height adds a dramatic feel that helps draw attention away from the less desirable things. I got the curtains from IKEA for $30. I was going to cut one in two and sew it to the side of the other
but decided I like them how they are...and want to avoid extra work at all cost!!

Now for a Jute rug and a new sink and it will be done!!
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