Friday, August 26, 2011

Dinner, Community and Randomness

 A few things....obviously I have time on my hands lately. I am about to dive into the world of sanding and giving some old furniture a face-lift, but I am doing my best to avoid that for now. My dad dropped his electric sander off with me today...when I asked him for it I was hoping he would ask to join me or take over my latest projects, after all he can do amazing things with wood. No such luck. I am pretty sure he has retired from being my little (or rather big) helper and he has full confidence I can handle it alone as a 30 something women. Boo to being an adult.
 So I made the Bell Pepper Boats, note to self, going to the grocery at 5:30 with the hubs and all three kids never, ever can be a good thing. We finally made it back home and the kids had oatmeal for dinner. Sometimes you just survive and they even had ice cream for dessert. We have been far more intentional with them about healthy eating, but tonight was not that night. Shrimp was not going to float their boat, unless it was popcorn shrimp, so Oatmeal it was. Dinner was good, it was fresh, light but fulling. We had left  over sweet potato fries from cooking club that was our side. I am anxious to use the leftover shrimp mixture over spinach leaves for lunch tomorrow and see how that goes. The hubs thought it was a keeper.
 Back to Paleo... I definitely have a great support system for eating Paleo and it has helped me think about food in a new way. I could not do it without other women supporting, encouraging and sending me recipes, etc and turns out it is not as complicating as I thought it to be. I have great, patient cheerleaders and eating well has definitely has helped me in workouts. I am excited to be taking the 101 class starting in September at Iron Tribe. I mentioned a year or so ago we were doing crossfit with another couple and loved it, well I am back doing it with the same friend whenever we can. I cannot walk out the door and run on my own nor do push-ups, sit-ups, ect...I HAVE to HAVE community to work-out. It's a must for me, it is how I got back in to shape almost two years ago. A friend invited me to Horizontal Conditioning, which is a beast of a work-out and ripped me into shape. I stuck with it for a year because I knew my friend would be there and laughter and sweat would ensue. Community. I need it in every way. Working out. Raising children. Decorating. Cooking. Spiritually. We were made for others. Here is a quote I love....
       "When I am with a group of human beings committed to hanging in there through both the agony and the joy of community, I have a dim sense that I am participating in a phenomenon for which there is only one word...."glory." M. Scott Peck
 And on that note I am off to get the hubby to watch me do a mini CF work-out because if I do it alone I will NOT finish it. I am lazy like that. I am doing a two week CF gig and I have been so sore. Try 100 push-ups. For time. Tell me how it goes, my arms felt like noodles, but I did it and made the hubs sit in the room and time me. Luckily we did laugh, usually he gets so bossy and working out together with him is NOT the community I need. I did rail him only once for counting 81,82, instead of by 5's...and now off to burpeeland.

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