Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Weary Wednesday's and Mock Mini Boden's

Wednesday's have been declared" Weary Wednesday's" around Tink's abode. The banshee's are allowed to watch a movie after school and we all just veg. Normally movies are not an option during the week, but by the time Wednesday rolls around we could use some tube time. So, I personally look forward to Wednesday's and some me time therapy.
Today I cooked for cooking club and made this. Holy Paleo. I want to make it for every meal. It was so yummy and the avacado cream (shown above) is just to die for. It was a hit for me (the hubby had Fantasy Football Draft night) Yes, he is 35 but we still love him.

Thrift Store run. Half Off all their clothes on Wednesday's.
Fun finds all for under $2...and there was more.
The little shorts were $.99 and are Ragsland. What a deal.

Best Investment Ever. From the Dollar Tree years ago.
I use it it seems like almost every meal.

It is therapy for me to create.
After dinner I decided I wanted to make shirts. I copied a Rainbow Shirt (thank you designers at Mini Boden for the idea) and the archs are all "Upcycled" from MH's past little dresses, shirts or PJ's . I paid $3.88 for the green and white striped shirt today at Wal-mart and the peace sign is pink (a recycled tshirt as well). They do need a few good washings to break in the fray which eventually comes to look like a teeny, tiny ruffle. Look for the peace sign shirt in upcoming photo's, her orange and blue one I made has been her summer uniform. What a little hippie.

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