Friday, August 05, 2011

Shorewood's neighborhood park

On the way for our hike. Warren Dunes. We hung back so we wouldn't have to hear the complaints nor carry anyone. Everyone made it on their own to the top and it was hard and HOT!

Thankful to be at the bottom....and like any "responsible" mama of three I forgot to put sunscreen on the gal. She survived and her cheeks had a lovely tint of pink to them just for a day.

We can't wait to pop in the lake.

Heading down the Dunes.

Kayaking turned paddleboard. Someone was in them almost all the time, and I might be investing in some. I saw some kids Kayaks at Sam's, although I think the hubs might protest considering it's quite a drive to a lake from Tinks Cottage.

Push-ups from the boys.

Owen, as always bossing someone. It's the latest and he has learned how to do it well.
 He's had excellent teachers.
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